Home - News - Law student of Lobachevsky University takes 1st place in the All-Russian Olympiad

15 May 2017

Students of the Master's Program "International Business Law" at the UNN Law Faculty Anna Skorokhodova, Alexander Sporshev, Ivan Urentsev and Anna Chernysheva took part in the First All-Russian Olympiad in International Law, which was held at Kazan Federal University on May 5, 2017. The Olympiad was organized in two rounds. In the first round, the students had to pass a test consisting of 45 questions on international law. They also had to write an essay on the proposed international law topic. At the end of the first round, five best participants were identified. During the second round, the contestants made oral presentations on the issues of international law. The jury has awarded the first place to Anna Skorokhodova of the UNN Faculty of Law. Congratulations to the winner!