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25 May 2017


On May 19-21, 2017, an annual  meeting of amateur astronomers Lobachevsky AstroFest-2017 was held at the sports camp "Zarya" of Lobachevsky University. It was organized by the UNN Faculty of Physics and the Nizhni Novgorod Planetarium. Over one hundred participants were offered a series of popular science lectures on astronomy and space physics. The weather allowed observations of sunspots and prominences in full daylight, and in the evening one could observe clouds on Jupiter and its Galilean satellites, double stars and a series of star clusters, as well as the Ring planetary nebula. The mobile planetarium presented its  fascinating program, and the master class on photographing star spectra, as well as the meeting with the test cosmonaut of the Roskosmos corporation Andrei Babkin became memorable events for many participants.