Home - News - Lobachevsky University is among the top 20 Russian universities

07 June 2017


According to the 2017 National ranking of universities covering 264 leading Russian institutions of higher education, UNN has improved its overall position and now ranks 17th (last year, it occupied the 20th position).  The ranking includes 21 participants of Project 5-100, 29 national research universities, 10 federal universities, and 33 flagship universities. The National ranking of universities is an annual special project of the Interfax Group launched in 2009 to develop and test new mechanisms for an independent ranking system of Russian universities. This ranking project stimulates the development of the national educational system’s competitiveness in the global space of education and research. 

"We highly appreciate the quality and scale of the analytical work done by the professionals who have created the ranking. In the context of the increasing complexity of the global educational space and increasing competition in the market of educational services, it is important to maintain the consistently high level of education and research at the university and to develop breakthrough areas in science and technology, thereby increasing the prestige and status of Russian education", said UNN Rector Evgeny Chuprunov.