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24 August 2017

On August 26, the UNN Student Creativity Centre will hold Lemon, a Festival of Learning, on the territory of the university campus. Lemon is a two-day intensive festival that combines lectures about literature, cinema, travelling, SMM, blogging, photography, start-ups, building a brand in Instagram and a lot more. You will be able to attend a seminar on the basics of law and a lecture on learning English; you will have a chance to learn about editing photos and the beauty side of Instagram; our guest lecturers will share with you the tips on booking housing and cars, buying tickets and food while travelling and visiting new places; you will learn how to build a personal brand and why video games are a serious business now.    

Are you still not sure about coming to the festival? 

To help you get rid of your doubts, we will answer the frequently asked questions about Lemon!  

Who can attend the festival?  

Absolutely anyone – from school students and students of all the city’s universities to homemakers and businessmen. Everyone is welcome to come! 

What is so special about this festival? 

There will be no boring lectures and tons of dry data. All the lectures and seminars are new, creative and interesting for young people. Our guest speakers are professionals and have experience in giving lectures, but we are pretty sure that only our festival will give you an opportunity to learn something new and useful from them absolutely free. 

What else can I look forward to apart from lectures?  

Many interactive activities like juicepong, photo area, art installations, intellectual games, relax area and an area for kite flying. You can also try our refreshing lemonades. 

What should I bring with me? 

 Writing implements and a willingness to learn! 

More information is available here: https://vk.com/limon_ctsnngu