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01 August 2017

The international publisher Springer has published a book by Yaroslav Sergeyev and Dmitry Kvasov "Deterministic Global Optimization: An Introduction to the Diagonal Approach".


The authors of the book are Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) Yaroslav Sergeyev and Candidate of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) Dmitry Kvasov, employees of the UNN Institute of Information Technologies, Mathematics and Mechanics. Professor of the Department of Mathematical Support and Supercomputer Technologies of the UNN  Institute of Information Technologies, Mathematics and Mechanics Yaroslav Sergeyev was awarded several international research prizes, including Khwarizmi International Award, 2017, and Pythagoras International Prize in Mathematics, 2010. At Lobachevsky University, Yaroslav Sergeyev heads the project of the Russian Science Foundation 15-11-30022 "Global Optimization, Supercomputer Computing and Applications" (2015-2017). The project is aimed to develop and research an integrated complex of new models and effective methods for solving various types of global optimization problems. This involves the implementation of new methods on high-performance computing systems, including systems capable of trans-petaflop performance.