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02 June 2017


On May 31, Professor Oleg Rudenko, Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics), Head of the Acoustics Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University was awarded the highest distinction from the Lobachevsky University, Doctor honoris causa, and received an appropriate Diploma and a Doctor’s gown. The ceremony took place during the meeting of the UNN Academic Council. 

In 1997, O.V. Rudenko was elected a Corresponding Member and in 2008 an Active Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He is Editor-in-Chief of the "Acoustic Journal", Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the International journal “Physics-Uspekhi” (Advances in Physical Sciences), Vice President of the Russian Acoustical Society, Chairman of the Expert Council for Physics and Astronomy of the Supreme Certifying Committee (2001-2013), Member of the Supreme Certifying Committee Presidium (since 2016), Chairman of the Expert Council for Physics and Astronomy of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research 1999-2003), Honorary Member of the American Acoustical Society, Honorary Professor of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Visiting Professor at the Blenkinge Institute of Technology (Sweden).

Professor Rudenko is a renowned expert in geophysics, the author of 10 monographs and textbooks published in Russia and abroad, of more than 350 papers in scientific journals. Research areas developed by O.V. Rudenko include: statistical nonlinear acoustics - physics of high-power noise; interaction and self-action effects of sawtooth waves; the theory of intense beams and nonlinear hydroacoustics; excitation of strong waves for purposes of communication, technology, medicine; nonlinear diagnostics and physics of giant nonlinearities. From the mid-1970s, Oleg Rudenko has been working closely with his colleagues at the UNN Faculty of Radiophysics in the field of research and education.

As the Head of the Radiophysics and Electronics Division of the Faculty of Physics at the Moscow State University, he was one of the initiators of including the area of studies "Radiophysics" in the list of basic higher education areas.

Under the guidance of O.V. Rudenko,  the laboratory "Biomedical Technologies, Medical Instrumentation and Acoustic Diagnostics (MedLab)" was established at Lobachevsky University. A set of unique equipment was provided for the laboratory and put into operation. In the course of joint research work, new nonlinear integro-differential equations have been proposed, their group analysis has been  carried out, and exact solutions have been  found.  A number of applications (including such areas as geophysics and intense waves in biological tissues and vessels) have been developed and more than 100 articles have been published in indexed scientific journals (including 3 reviews in “Physics-Uspekhi”). A monograph was published by Springer, and its Russian version was awarded the Main Prize of the International Academic Publishing Company "Nauka" in 2012.  One Doctor of Sciences and 4 Candidate of Sciences dissertations have been defended, 5 patents have been issued.

Professor Rudenko's list of awards includes  the State Prize of the USSR (1985), the Lomonosov Prize (1991), the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1997), the Medal for Services to the Fatherland (2005), the Medal of Honored Worker of Higher Education (2004), the Main Prize of the International Academic Publishing Company "Nauka" for the book Nonlinear Waves and Structures (2012),  and a number of other honorary titles and awards. 

Oleg Rudenko is the supervisor of the mega-grant "Radiophysical principles of biomedical technology, medical instrument engineering and acoustic diagnostics" being implemented at the UNN Faculty of Radiophysics. Co-director of the project is Professor Sergei Gurbatov, Head of the Acoustics Department of the Lobachevsky University.