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12 May 2017

From May 1 to May 6, students of the UNN Journalism Department took part in the seminar "Becoming a journalist in a multicultural society".  The event was held in Berlin (Germany) in the framework of cooperation between Lobachevsky  University, Volda University (Norway) and the Human Rights Academy (Norway).   The seminar included lectures and practical classes, master classes and discussions, as well as numerous excursions around the capital of Germany that were organized by Lillian Hjorth  and  Marit Langmyr. Professor Karola Richter of the Open University Berlin gave the students a lecture on the peculiarities of coverage of the refugee topic in the German media. They also met with non-profit NGO representatives Georg Pirker and Nils Zimmermann to discuss the role of journalists in covering various aspects of life in multicultural communities.