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24 January 2017

In the framework of the federal program “Priority Areas for Research and Development in Russia in 2014-2020,” Lobachevsky University scientists are implementing a research project aimed at the development of methods, technologies and platforms to study the functioning of the nervous system by means of a high-resolution information model of the brain cortical structures. The project is headed by Professor Alexei Semyanov, Director of the UNN Institute of Neurosciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and will result in the development of a 3D Brain Atlas. The Atlas is essentially a software system that can lay the foundation for translational research in the field of the functioning of the mammalian central nervous system (neurobiological, pharmacological, toxicological and other studies), as well as the basis for the formation of a new class of strategic technologies - artificial cognitive systems. 

Application areas for the 3D Atlas: 

• biomedical research and development in the study of the brain; 

• simulation of brain functions using the capabilities of high performance computing and advanced supercomputers; 

• development of new therapeutic strategies for the correction of various diseases of the nervous system. 

Expected results of its practical use: 

• reducing total costs of experimental research in the field of neuroscience and biomedicine; 

• advancing the development of high-tech software products and high-performance computing for scientific purposes in Russia. 

The industrial partner of the project is LLC "Niagara Computers".