Home - News - UNN scientists are developing a robotic smart assistance system

27 January 2017

Under the Federal Program "Research and Development", work is continuing at Lobachevsky University to create an intelligent robotic assistance system - IRAS. IRAS is intended for the rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders. Its operation is conceived with the account of the patient’s individual characteristics and the degree of impairment of his/her motor activity. 

The uniqueness of the system is that it combines the techniques of functional electrical muscle stimulation (FEMS) in the absence of a fixed motor pattern.  Such a combination is proposed for the first time in this particular project.

Researchers working on the project have shown that the FEMS techniques can be applied without any  cumbersome equipment. The devices are compact, highly mobile and can be used on their own, as well as in combination with a variety of assistive systems and exoskeletons, verticalizers, orthoses, and exercise bikes.