Company name

In Vitro Biotech Center LLC (UNN Faculty of Biology)

Project name

Biotechnology for microclonal breeding of orchids to obtain medicinal material with a large amount of bioactive substances

Project leaders

Lavr Kryukov, CEO




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Phone: +79200235327

Company/project history

Started R&D in 2006. First commercialization undertaken in 2010; contract work with corporate customers in Nizhny Novgorod. Small innovation company set up in 2013 in partnership with UNN; participation in START program.



Description of technology/project

- production of the tuberoids (tubers) of rare orchids to obtain medicinal material with a large amount of bioactive substances.

- production of low-cost planting stock. Planting stock grown in this area is better acclimatized to the local environment.

Diagrams and photos


Added value

- growing of orchid tuberoids (tubers) with a large amount of bioactive substances.

- production of more acclimatized low-cost planting stock.

- reduction of planting stock production cost at companies as a result of the adoption of a new technology.

Current status of technology/product

Pre-serial prototype ready for rollout. Company ready to build a portfolio of commercial orders for production of tuberoids and planting stock.

Technology enables to set up commercial-scale production of rare orchid tubers, a project impossible to carry out using other techniques.

Key advantages


- unique technology capable of producing tuberoid orchids’ organs separately;

- high orchid growing capacity: it takes 2 months to get up to 12 protocorm-like bodies from a single protocorm;

- hypertrophy of separate organs of the plant is possible (growing of plant organs);

- low cost of plant growing.

The following Russian and international companies apply similar technologies to plant cultivation:

- Bio tree Ltd., Bulgaria;

- HORTILAB d.o.o, Croatia;

- LABFLYTRAP, Czech Republic;

- Bock Bio Science GmbH, Germany;

- OOO Microclone

- NPO Gardens of Russia

Potential markets

Scientific publications and patents

Pharmaceutical companies, food producers, agricultural holdings, breeding companies, large retail networks, flower wholesalers, private collectors clubs.

- Know-how registered at UNN;

- More than 25 articles published both in domestic and foreign journals. Patentbeingdrafted.