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3 month ago

Possibilities of the biosimilar principle of learning are shown for a memristor-based neural network

A group of scientists from Russia and Greece opens up new prospects for using local learning rules based on memristors to solve artificial intelligence problems using complex spiking neural network architectures

4 month ago

Scientists propose a fresh look at the role of ferroptosis in the development of cancer

Ferroptotic cancer cells can stimulate the immune system and activate anticancer immunity and  improve the effectiveness of anticancer therapy

5 month ago

New data on ultrafast electron photoemission from metallic nanostructures obtained

The results of the Russian-Japanese experiment explain the mechanism of electron photoemission by metallic nanostructures under ultrafast laser excitation

8 month ago

Machine learning at Yandex

We invite you to the lecture of Alexander Krainov, Head of Yandex Laboratory of Machine Intelligence