Company name

Radiotechnology - NN LLC (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)


Project name

METEO: Self-training system for monitoring and forecasting of the local weather with ultra-high space resolution

 Project leaders


Igor Karpunin

Contact info

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Phone: :+7 905 869 6969

Company/project history

Spin-off company of UNN, established in 2011


Description of technology/product

A unique hardware-software system, built using a network of wireless sensors technology, allowing the measurement and forecasting of parameters of atmosphere and related media with  the spatial resolution of several meters.



Added value

Current status of technology/product

Correct weather information in the place of interest in the time of interest.

-      There are prototypes of the system  elements and algorithms.

-      Approximately one year to market output.

Key advantages


-      High space resolution of weather and microclimate parameters

-       Enhancement of forecasting for system placed on monitoring area during long time (up to years without power supply).

-      Traditional weather monitoring and  forecasting  methods space resolution – more then  20-30 square kilometers

-      Proposed technology - 1-10 meters  (on localized object like building, vessel, etc.).

Potential markets

Scientific publications and patents

-     Farmers

-      Landscape designers

-      Sportsmen  (yachtsmen, paragliders, climbers etc.)

-      Government structures, emergencies services

-      The owners of estates, recreational territories and objects.

-      A lot of scientific papers; participation in the Russian and international conferences;

-      Patent RF №2011615359, 16.05.2011.