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On 19 July, a graduation ceremony for international students took place in the assembly hall of Lobachevsky University. This year, 170 international students from more than 30 countries, including Colombia, Ecuador, China, Syria, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Mongolia, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan, Brazil, Tajikistan, received diplomas of higher education. There are 123 bachelors, five specialists, 36 masters and six PhDs among the graduates. 

«Now it is very hard to believe this back in 2010 there were no foreign graduates at Lobachevsky University. During this time, the university has changed, it has become international, with representatives of about one hundred countries from all over the world studying here. Over the years, UNN has become a big international student family. For our foreign graduates, studying at Lobachevsky University is a great experience of studying abroad, in an international student environment. This experience will serve them well in their lives just as much as the knowledge they have gained in their academic programmes. I am confident that this will become a powerful impetus for each of our graduates to develop their life success,» said Oleg Trofimov, Acting Rector of Lobachevsky University.

Graduates of all faculties and institutes were congratulated on the occasion of completing their studies by the university staff, friends and parents who were able to come to Russia. The most memorable moments of international life were recalled, wishes of good luck, health and new achievements were voiced from the stage. The most active students who achieved success in their university's social life, as well as parents of the activists, were presented with letters of thanks and memorable gifts.

The graduates also addressed the audience.

«Everyone knows that it is very difficult to work with people, and it is especially difficult to work with foreigners: you have to take into account mentality, religion, culture, and this makes the work even more difficult. On behalf of all international students, I would like to thank all the university staff doing this difficult and very important work,» said Faizullo Yakubov, a graduate of the UNN Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship, who holds a Master's degree in Business Development Management.

Some graduates are planning to stay in Russia and continue their studies at Lobachevsky University.

«It was both difficult and interesting to study at Lobachevsky University all these years. I plan to continue my studies at this university in the master's programme,» shared Parahat Narlyev, a graduate of the bachelor’s  programme at the UNN Institute of Information Technology, Mathematics and Mechanics.