What exams should I take to be admitted to Lobachevsky University?

Bachelor's degree programmes
— Fundamental informatics & IT: English, Mathematics
— Economics: English, Economics
— International relations: English, World history

Specialist's degree programmes
— General medicine: English, Chemistry
— Dentistry: English, Chemistry

Master's degree programmes
— Management of business & finance: English, Management
— Sociology of politics & international relations: English, Sociology

Can I apply to UNN if my passport has less than 18 months before its expiry date?

Yes, however in this case UNN will be unable to start your invitation process even if your other documents are approved. In accordance with Russian law, the invitation for study visa can be issued only if your passport is valid more than 18 months after the date of your prospective arrival at UNN. So, for completing the invitation process without problems, you have to quickly extend your passport or obtain a new one.

Can I send my application documents in a language other than Russian, English or French?

Yes, although the University cannot guarantee that they will be accepted. If something is unclear, UNN admission officer will request you to get them translated. 

Do I need to forward the originals of my documents when applying for study at UNN?

No, their scanned copies are enough to examine your application. However, do not forget to bring all original documents with you when you`ll arrive in Russia.

What documents need translated in Russian and how do I get my documents translated?

To study in Russia you have to translate into Russian your passport and educational documents and certify these translations by the Russian notary or Russian Embassy. If you translate documents in your home country (sometimes it is required for their consular legalisation), make sure that there are no mistakes and your name(s) in certified translations corresponds to your name(s) stated in the entry visa. UNN advises students to translate documents upon arrival to UNN. It will be less expensive and permit to make correct translation. During your enrolment the university will provide assistance in translation of passport & educational documents in Nizhny Novgorod.

Where to certify my educational documents with consular legalization or apostille? 

For use abroad your educational documents should be certified with consular legalization or apostille (depending on the country).  Please, contact the relevant department of your national Ministry of Education for concrete guidelines.

What medical documents do I need?

You need to provide medical proofs confirming that you have no medical contra-indications to study in Russia (general health examination certificate, HIV test, and tuberculosis test or X-rays chest) upon arrival at UNN. You will have to pass every year a full medical examination in Russian public hospital (approximate cost of medical examination is 1200 RUB per year). If you have any outstanding medical problems or a history of ill health then it is advised that you bring with you if possible a copy of your medical records in the case of an emergency. If you apply for General medicine or Dentistry programme, you have to provide an extended list of medical check-ups.

How long does the admission process take?

The admission process takes approximately 2-3 months (i.e. from the moment you submit your application form & documents till the moment you receive the original of the invitation from the university and may apply for study visa). Please follow the recommendations of UNN admission officer to make the procedure simpler and faster.

May I pay my outstanding fees by installments?

Yes. In accordance with the UNN entrance requirements only the tuition fee should be entirely paid in advance. As for other charges (including hostel accommodation, medical insurance, charges for the recognition of your foreign documents on previous education, etc.), you can cover them upon arrival to UNN. 

How do I pay my outstanding tuition fees?

There are different regulations in place regarding the level of course you have applied. 

If you apply for Pre-University Preparatory Programme, Russian Language Courses or 1st year of Degree Programme, you must pay in full the annual outstanding amount of the tuition, which is stated in your study agreement to the University, before UNN will start your invitation process. The payment can be done via bank transfer using the UNN bank details that can be found upon the last page of your study agreement. You must also state whether you are planning to pay the full amount in either $USD, €EUR or Russian Roubles (RUB) as this is dependent upon which account UNN can accept money into. The amount of the tuition fee is fixed in RUB. After money transfer you should forward a scanned copy of bank receipt to identify your payment onto UNN bank account.

All other students who are continuing their degree studies for another academic year must pay at least 50% of the annual tuition fee – not later than five days prior to the beginning of the fall semester and the rest – not later than five days prior to the beginning of the spring semester. These transactions can be paid for by debit or credit card on site, by cash in RUB at the UNN Cash Office or via bank transfer. Please remember to keep all receipts of your transactions to the University.

Is there any financial support available to me to support my studies at UNN?

UNN offers outstanding international students financial support via the form of state scholarships & system of tuition fee discounts. For more information about scholarships, please visit the Scholarships section of our website.

How long does it take until I receive my letter of acceptance if I am successful in my application?

When UNN receives your application, an admissions officer will examine it to make sure you match UNN admissions criteria, you have all of the required documentation needed to study in Russia and you pass online examination. This process takes 10-14 days. If your application is approved, a letter of acceptance will be forwarded to you through email to the address you have provided us in your application form. 

Where & how can I purchase valid medical insurance?

We advise students to purchase medical insurance upon arrival to UNN. It is cheaper and easier-to-use.  During your enrolment UNN Admission Office will provide you necessary information where & how to purchase the insurance policy in Nizhny Novgorod. The approximate cost of medical insurance is 7 800 RUB per year.

How do I receive the original of my invitation letter?

We do not provide our applicants with the originals of invitation. According to the current migration law of the Russian Federation invitation are issued in a soft copy form (electronic version that you receive via e-mail).

How long does the invitation process take?

It takes approximately 6 weeks for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the University to prepare and issue your invitation. After you receive this document, you may apply for study visa. 

When can I begin to apply for my student visa?

You can apply for your study visa as soon as you have received the original of your invitation & letter of visa support from UNN. You should contact the local Russian Embassy / General Consulate for the most up-to-date information, requirements and visa forms.