Gym Classes at UNN

The gym is a great place to maintain or improve your current fitness levels from stamina to strength, you can tailor a fitness programme around your own personal needs. Russia has a strong history in competitive gymnastic disciplines such as Rhythmic gymnastics and all of our UNN instructors have a vast knowledge of how to get the best out of a person. There are many gyms in Nizhny Novgorod with UNN having one of the most comprehensive gym facilities and some of the best instructors’ in the city.

Whether you want strength and condition exercises to apparatus to improve your skills for gymnastics UNN has facilities to cater for all needs.

UNN welcomes participants from all those interested regarding your previous experience within Gym Classes. Using the gym is a great way to obtain your health goals throughout the course of your study. Below is listing the times of the coaching sessions of graded classes.

Gym Classes Extra-Curricular Timetable

  Coach  Time  Location  Cost (per month) 
Gym  Ustuhova Natalia Tu, Th 16-18 Hall №3  800 

Gym  Belyaeva Marina Wed 16-17 Hall №3  800 

Gym  Schurov Sergey Tue, Thu 19-21 Hall №3  800 

Gym  Klimash Bogdan Mon, Wed 20-21 Hall №3  800 

Gym  Suldin Pavel Mon, Wed 19-20 Hall №3  800 

If you require assistance in signing up for Aerobics as part of your degree programme or as an extracurricular activity you can also contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.