Athletics at UNN

Russia has a proud and successful history in Track and Field with UNN strongly representing Russia at all levels including previous, World and European Championships and previous Olympics. Russia is by far one of the most successful nations athletic disciplines, regularly medaling at major international meets and with several record holders in Disciplines such as Pole Vault.

Our International Faculty has former Olympic athletes within our faculty. Here at UNN we can coach you in your area be it Sprinting, Middle Distance or Long Distance running as well as in various track and field events such as Long Jump, Pole Volt, and Javelin e.g. Athletics can be a great sport for you to realize your dreams and goals with it promoting gentlemanly behavior as well as basic core fitness components such as strength, stamina, speed e.g.

UNN has a sports set-up primed for those wishing to play and compete in Athletics at any level, with dedicated coaches and Athletics facilities including a gym and a training hall with an Athletics Track located on campus, you could be competing at a high level in Athletics whatever your specialism or experience.

UNN welcomes participants from all those interested regarding your previous background with the sport. Below is listing the timetable for both the University Team training times and the times. UNN unfortunately does not offer Athletics as a sport which can be used as a graded class by students.

The University Athletics Team’s Training Times

  Coach  Time  Location  Cost (per month) 
Athletics Belyaeva Marina Suldin Pavel Mo, Wed 17-18 Mo, Wed 18-19 Hall №3 

For details upon how to compete for the University Athletics Team please contact Konstantin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .