Power Lifting & Weightlifting at UNN

Russia and the States of the former Soviet Union has a proud and successful history in Power Lifting & Weightlifting making it a popular past time amongst gym junkies especially amongst those who aspire to become stronger and enter bodybuilding competitions, as levels of progress in their conditioning can be easily measured.

Our International Faculty has plenty participants within the sport with students regularly competing in international and national competitions. For those that have never tried this sport it can be very rewarding in the context of helping students achieve their goals while maintaining their own fitness levels.

UNN has a sports set-up primed for those wishing to play and compete in Power Lifting & Weightlifting at any level, with dedicated coaches and specialist facilities including all the equipment a person needs to participate within the sport being located upon site. Our specialist coaches will push each students to their limits with specialist precaution due to the excessive demands of this sport upon a persons body.

UNN welcomes participants from all those interested regarding your previous experience within Power Lifting & Weightlifting. Below is listing the times of the Training Times although there are no graded classes scheduled for this discipline.

The University Power Lifting & Weightlifting Team’s Training Times

The University Basketball Team’s Training Times

  Coach  Time  Location  Cost (per month) 
 Power lifting &Weightlifting Klimash Bogdan Mo, Wed 21-22 Hall №3 

For details upon how to compete for the University Power Lifting & Weightlifting Team please contact Konstantin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .