Chess & Checkers at UNN

Chess and Checkers are two of the world’s oldest and most popular sports and attract a wide range of players young and old. In Russia you can find many venues in the cities park full during the summer time playing Chess and Checkers as a way to relax. As a statement of the sport’s popularity within the city the Russian State Championships where held in Nizhny Novgorod in 2013.

Many International students like to relax and enjoy themselves over a social game of droughts or Chess as the game can help stimulate their minds and build a competitive edge.

UNN has a sports set-up for those wishing to play and compete in Chess or Checkers at any level, with a university team open for the best players within the University. Playing either of these sports is a great way to begin life in Russia and socialize with people from all cultures.

UNN welcomes participants from all those interested regarding your previous background with the sport. Below is listing the timetable for both the University Team training times and the times of the coaching sessions of graded classes.

The University Chess & Checkers Team’s Training Times

The University Basketball Team’s Training Times

  Coach  Time  Location  Cost (per month) 
Chess Yacenko Anton Tu 16-18 Th 17-19 Room №1
Checkers Fedorova Natalia Tu, Th 16-19 Room №3 

For details upon how to play for the University Chess & Checkers Team please contact Konstantin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .