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Nova Publishers in New York has published a book, "A Closer Look at Hormones", under the editorship of Professor Alexander Knyazev, Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry at Lobachevsky University.The book provides the essential information necessary for students and scientists in the life and health sciences and chemistry of biologically active substances.It covers the latest developments in the extraction, analysis, physical and chemical properties and use of hormones. The authors of the book include scientists from Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, India, Indonesia and Russia.Several chapters focus on steroid hormones, which play an important role in human biochemistry. In addition, the publication provides original information on phytohormones and hormones in mushrooms. The book also presents revolutionary results of clinical trials of hormones, comparative genome analysis and the use of these substances as a tool for biosynthesis.The logic of the entire publication follows  the scheme of “hormones’ presence in living organisms - identification and analysis - properties – their use and safety”.