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3type chaos

A new project was initiated and received it intriguing title from Alexander Gonchenko, a researcher at the laboratory of dynamical and controlled systems of the UNN Institute of Information Technologies, Mathematics and Mechanics. He is the project manager and the winner of the competition of the Russian Science Foundation. The project is aimed to develop the mathematical theory of dynamical chaos and to create new methods for its study. The research team expects to obtain world-class results in this area, including new results in the theory of mixed dynamics, which is a new type of dynamical chaos recently discovered by UNN mathematicians. Very often, one of the most difficult things in explaining the results of a scientific experiment is to understand the basic properties and regularities of the processes involved, for example, in case of transfer of nerve impulses in neural networks. This project has a focus on practical applications and provides for the development of a corresponding theory and testing it on real-life models. There are still many unresolved fundamental problems in the theory of dynamical chaos and its applications. In particular, a new type of chaos, mixed dynamics, has so far received very little study. In the framework of this project, it is planned to conduct new theoretical and applied research in this field.