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bolee 150 studentov nngu sobral prazdnik posvyashchyonnyj kulture alzhira

On 3 May 2024, Lobachevsky University hosted a festival dedicated to the traditions and culture of Algeria. The event was organised by representatives of the Council of Algerian Students. The guests were offered an interesting programme with musical numbers and informative master classes. Taking part in the event which was part of the project "We will show you!" were more than 150 students.

On behalf of the Rector of Lobachevsky University Oleg Trofimov, Alexander Bedny, Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Networking, welcomed the participants.

"We are one big international family. Lobachevsky University has students from almost a hundred countries around the world, and we are very happy that among our international students there are more and more young people from Algeria. Now we already have almost 100 Algerian students. This is definitely one of the leading positions in terms of the number of students. Today we have a great opportunity to get to know the culture and traditions of Algeria. It is especially pleasant that we have a fantastic activist group of Algerian students",  noted Alexander Bedny.

bolee 150 studentov nngu sobral prazdnik posvyashchyonnyj kulture alzhira 1

Students from Algeria most often choose either medicine or IT for their studies at UNN. Among them is Mohamed Ryane Sellij, a fourth-year student of the Institute of Clinical Medicine.

"There are a lot of interesting things at Lobachevsky University. People from different countries study here. And during events like this, you can get acquainted with the customs and traditions of these countries and learn a lot of new things. When I tell people in Russia that I come from Algeria, some people don't understand what kind of country it is, so I would like to share knowledge about our culture, tell them more about us. I believe that we are brothers, that is, our peoples are brothers, we need to know more about each other," said Mohamed Ryane Sellij.

Algerian students prepared dance and song numbers, national food and drink tasting, and thematic master classes. The guests of the festival had a chance to appreciate national costumes, traditional ornaments, and the peculiarities of the language.

bolee 150 studentov nngu sobral prazdnik posvyashchyonnyj kulture alzhira 2

The project "We will show you!" is implemented within the framework of the "I care - I can!" programme of UNN international students' social initiatives, which was initiated by Dmitry Medvedev, Head of the International Students Support Office at Lobachevsky University. The main goal of the programme is to remove barriers in communication between students from different countries. The participants of the project "We will show you!" represent six national student councils: Algerian, Indian, Latin American, Egyptian, Syrian, and Turkmen. The first event of the international student project "We will show you!" was India Day, which took place on 1 February 2024. On 1 March, the Day of Latin American Culture was held.