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Iskusstvennii intellekt pomojet opredelit glubinu ojoga

Using the technology of optical coherence tomography, which allows real-time and highly accurate visualisation of deep skin layers, UNN dermatologists have developed a method of non-contact optical biopsy of burn injuries.

It will allow doctors to objectively and painlessly perform multifocal examination of patients with burns and establish the degree of damage in real time.

A computer application called Lumen stratis for visual statistical analysis of skin structure images obtained by non-invasive methods has been developed by Lobachevsky University researchers.

By processing the images of patients’ damaged skin with burns it is possible to identify more clearly and objectively the presence or absence of optical layers that determine the degree of skin damage.

This reduces the subjectivity of assessing the severity of damage in burn injuries and helps to correctly determine the treatment tactics.

The software was developed at the request of and with the direct involvement of medical professionals. It can be used directly "at the patient's bedside", which significantly saves the doctor's time and facilitates diagnosis.

According to the UNN Technology Transfer Centre, the software passed state registration and received an appropriate certificate in March 2024.