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nastolnye knigi dlya lyubitelej ohoty predstavleny na vystavke v nngu

Lobachevsky University's Fundamental Library is among the participants in the collective exhibition "Peculiarities of National Hunting" which opened in the exposition area of the UNN Museum in early March. Other participants also include the Nizhny Novgorod State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, the Lenin State Regional Universal Scientific Library and the University Museum.

Among other exhibits, the exhibition features 13 books, 8 specialised periodicals and a weekly newspaper from the Fundamental Library’s collection of rare and valuable editions. These are some examples of professional hunting literature of the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that are of great historical and cultural value. Such publications are not just guides or collections of hunting techniques and rules, but also practical observations about nature and wildlife. Books and articles written more than a hundred years ago contain a lot of information relevant to today's hunter.

nastolnye knigi dlya lyubitelej ohoty predstavleny na vystavke v nngu 1

Several dozens of books for hunting enthusiasts were published in Russia in the 19th century alone. They covered many different topics: various types of hunting, descriptions of animal and bird tracks, care for dogs, veterinary practice, hunting in different seasons, useful recommendations for each month, selections from laws on hunting and fishing, personal experiences of hunters and many others. Some of the books were written by Russian authors, while others were translations from foreign languages. The exhibition also features a rare translated edition from 1838, the oldest book on display.

Everyone is welcome to visit the exhibition and learn about the history of national hunting until 6 April. The presentation of the cultural and educational project "Peculiarities of National Hunting" will take place on 23 March  at 13.00 in the UNN conference hall (Building 2, room 229).