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Over 50 bags of clothes and shoes were collected by international students of Lobachevsky University for Nizhny Novgorod families in need. Throughout the semester, an international team of students from Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Serbia worked to collect both new and used items as part of the “I Care - I Can” social initiatives programme. On July 2, with the help of the UNN International Students Support Office, all collected items of clothing were handed over to the charity organization "Give Good", which in turn will distribute them to those in need.

"For me, charity is an opportunity to help people who really need it. At the same time, it's an opportunity to share with others, to make someone's life a little bit happier. And that is very important and responsible!", says Egyptian student Mazen Alaa Kamal Hussein, an active participant of the campaign.

In December 2020, international students of Lobachevsky University already organised a collection of clothes for needy people and families with many children.

UNN international students' programme of social initiatives "I Care - I Can" has been implemented since 2019. The main goals of the programme are to promote tolerance in society and to improve the culture of communication with foreigners, to remove barriers to inter-ethnic communication, and to counter the ideas of extremism, racial intolerance and xenophobia. The program participants are international students of Lobachevsky University who develop social and cultural projects and implement them through intercultural dialogue at various sites in Nizhny Novgorod.