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konferenciya prepodavanie informacionnyh tekhnologij v rf otkrylas v nizhnem novgorode 2

On May 18, the 21st All-Russian Conference "Teaching Information Technology in the Russian Federation" started at UNN. The organizers are the Association of Computer and Information Technology Enterprises (ACITE) and Lobachevsky University.

The two-day conference brought together about 700 participants including representatives of government agencies, education, and IT business. This year, the main topics of the conference are focused on modern trends in the development of information technologies; training specialists in artificial intelligence, cloud technologies, information security, integrated automation of business processes and ERP system design, development of software and hardware systems; specifics of training IT specialists in current conditions; updating curricula in the context of changing conditions of availability of software and IT platforms; quality of software and IT platforms.

konferenciya prepodavanie informacionnyh tekhnologij v rf otkrylas v nizhnem novgorode 1

The conference opened with a panel discussion on “New Opportunities for IT Human Resources Development.”

Among the speakers were Maxim Parshin, Deputy Minister of Digital Development and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation (in a videoconference format), Alexander Sinelobov, Minister of Digital Development and Communications of the Nizhny Novgorod region, Lyubov Shirokova, Deputy Minister of Education of the Nizhny Novgorod region, Oleg Trofimov, Acting Rector of Lobachevsky University, Boris Nuraliev, Director of 1C, Head of the ACITE Education Committee, Yulia Goryachkina,  Director of Human Resources for the Digital Economy at the Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation “Digital Economy”.

”For Lobachevsky University, IT training is one of the most important strategic tasks. We provide IT training in all areas: supplementary education for school students, secondary vocational education, bachelor's, specialist and master's degrees, supplementary professional education - totalling about 4,300 students currently enrolled. The University is a participant in major federal projects in science and education: Priority 2030, Advanced Engineering Schools, Digital Departments, etc. The training of in-demand professionals for the constantly changing and growing IT market, for ensuring the technological sovereignty of the Russian Federation is based on two main principles - reliance on UNN’s well-developed basic research and being practice-oriented," said Acting Rector of Lobachevsky University Oleg Trofimov in his report.

He also noted that the university's reliance on basic science, in consortia with other Russian research centres, makes it possible to train world-class IT professionals in such areas as high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and computer vision, computer mechanics and engineering software.