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On 10 March, the Arzamas branch of Lobachevsky University hosted an international culinary competition between students. Students from South Africa, Turkmenistan and Russia took part in this exciting cooking show. The tasty contest that lasted for almost 2 hours was held in the modern interiors of the dining hall of the Arzamas Technical College of Civil Engineering and Entrepreneurship. All participants were dressed in stylish chef's uniforms. The show was accompanied with music and included video presentations of national cuisines. The guests could try some delicacies prepared by the participants in advance and then the original dishes cooked during the contest. Arzamas Technical College students surprised the audience with fish baked in salt (it burnt spectacularly with bright flames), African students prepared an extraordinarily spicy dish and students from Turkmenistan shared the secrets of making their 'signature' pilaff with garlic. Having tasted everything, the jury members (cooking teachers) gave the highest marks to all the teams: the victory was with the friendship!

You can see the photo album of the contest "Culinary Kaleidoscope" here.