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otkryt priyom zayavok na obrazovatelnyj forsajt posly russkoj kultury

Applications are now open for a new project of the volunteer movement "Integration", the educational foresight "Ambassadors of Russian Culture". It is supported by the Federal Agency of Youth Affairs.

In today's world, it becomes important to strengthen intercultural ties and interact with representatives of different countries. "Ambassadors of Russian Culture" is a unique environment to develop interculturally competent individuals, along with trainings on cultural diversity, master classes on Russian culture (culinary, sports, literary, etc.), and a series of foresight sessions. Both Russian and international students of Nizhny Novgorod region’s universities coming from Serbia, Bulgaria, Korea, Turkey, India, China, Colombia, Ecuador and other countries take part in the project.

The project was initiated by Anna Ngoma, Associate Professor at the UNN Institute of Philology and Journalism, and Lobachevsky University students.

"We decided to start a project that would teach Russian students how to talk to foreigners in a way people would understand us. This is especially true in the case of foreigners with a beginner's level of Russian. We want to tell as many international students as possible about Russian culture and Russian mentality, to show what we are really like," said Maria Malyotkina, one of the project organisers, a student of the UNN Institute of Philology and Journalism.

The project consists of several stages:

  •  A block of theoretical knowledge necessary for successful communication;
  • Master classes on Russian cinema, folklore, sport, cooking, during which Russian and international students will be interacting actively;
  • A festival with the closing ceremony of the project.

"We plan to create an association of "Ambassadors of Russian Culture" who will promote the Russian language in the world. Being a volunteer of our "Integration" movement and an "ambassador of Russian culture" is not only useful for those who see their future in the field of the humanities, it is also fun and interesting. We wish everyone to have an unforgettable experience of intercultural communication, " added Maria Malyotkina.

The project is aimed at cultural exchange and the strengthening of friendly ties between representatives of different countries, as well as the cultivation of ambassadors of Russian culture from among Russian and foreign students and the promotion of the Russian language and culture in Russia and abroad. It is to be implemented from December 2022 to May 2023 with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

To take part in the project, you have to submit an application. For more information, please see the social network group.