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21 0629 кор1А Конференция Эразмус 28

The Erasmus+ programme is an example of effective collaboration between Russian and European universities. Elena Zagaynova, Rector of Lobachevsky University, confirmed this at the opening of the international online conference "Internationalization and Results of Erasmus+ Projects”.

"It is a special honour for the UNN to be a co-organiser of the conference on Erasmus+ projects. The university is an active participant in the programme. For us, as well as for our European partners, it means mutual enrichment. Education and science have no borders, because the activity of universities, above all, is aimed at improving the quality of educational programmes and students' life in universities, at developing the internationalization and competitiveness of higher education", - said Elena Zagaynova, welcoming the guests of the event.

She underlined the exceptional importance of the Erasmus+ programme for the internationalization of higher education and Russia's participation in the Bologna process. The Rector also noted that Lobachevsky University has many years of experience in implementing various projects financed first under the Tempus programme, and since 2014 - under the Erasmus+ programme (the successor of the Tempus programme). When implementing these projects, the UNN opened new laboratories and educational centres, expanded the geography of its international cooperation, established long-term partnerships with leading European universities, and reformed a large number of its educational programmes.

Conference participants were also welcomed by: Olga Oleynikova, Director of Erasmus+ National Office in Russia, Alexey Levchenko, Deputy Director of the Department for State Policy in Higher Education of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, Ralph Raders, Head of Unit at the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA, Brussels), and Laurent Bochereau, Adviser on Science and Technology Policy, EU Delegation to Russia.

According to Alexander Bedny, UNN Vice-Rector for International Affairs, the conference aims to present to a wide audience the results and products of Erasmus+ projects in the field of "Cooperation for capacity building in higher education" implemented in Russian universities over the five years of the programme. The conference will be another step for further development of internationalization of higher education in Russia and strengthening the presence of Russian higher education in the European Higher Education

Area. The conference will pay special attention to the experience of international cooperation of universities in the COVID-19 epidemic.

"This is a great event with the participation of representatives of both Russian and European universities, who share their experience gained in recent years in the implementation of Erasmus+ projects. They discuss the most interesting results, best practices and in general discuss how the internationalization of higher education is developing and its future prospects", Alexander Bedny noted.