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The Rector of Lobachevsky University took part, together with the heads of leading Russian universities, in a discussion about the present and future of higher education. The meeting was held in a hybrid format as part of the Back to the Future Moscow International Education Fair 2022 on April 29.

The Rectors' Club participants discussed a range of issues including communication between universities and their research partners and regional authorities, import substitution, and the need to train professionals to meet today's labour market demands. The discussion also concerned the comprehensive development of students' personalities.

"A unique system has been formed in the Nizhny Novgorod region, where, together with the governor, together with the region, universities implement global objectives. This occurs through such projects as the Research and Education Centre, such as the Quantum Valley STC and a number of others. Promising research results of the university and research institutes meet the potential of industries. This provides a direct link between science and industry and the country's economy. Lobachevsky University has conducted an internal audit of its R&D projects, and together with our colleagues we have identified more than 20 such projects in a wide range of areas, about half of which can be implemented into industrial production within 6-8 months. We are responding to the challenges of the times, we are working for the region and for the country," said Elena Zagaynova.