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Lobachevsky University Rector expresses her condolences on the tragic death of student Catherine Elaine Serou.

"Lobachevsky University extends its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Catherine Elaine Serou on the tragic death of this first-year master's student of the UNN Faculty of Law. This is a personal, painful loss for all of our staff and students. The University is an international fraternity of thousands of students from more than a hundred countries. Their lives, health, successes and achievements are our great value. The tragedy that has occurred echoes in the hearts of all of us.

Since the news of Catherine's disappearance, we have lived in anxious anticipation, doing our best to help investigators and search parties, and never lost hope. To our great regret, the girl suffered at the hands of a criminal and tragically died.

As Rector of Lobachevsky University and on behalf of its faculty and staff, I appeal to our students – Russian and international – to take care of themselves, to be attentive, to observe elementary rules of personal safety. Your lives and health are of the utmost importance!"