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Mikhail Ivanchenko, Head of the Applied Mathematics Department, Vice-Rector for Research of Lobachevsky University, will give his lecture "The theory of everything: how nonlinear oscillations help us understand the world around us" on December 14 at the UNN Science Park.

The lecturer will talk about the way mathematics helps us understand and describe the world around us, what the  nonlinear oscillation theory is, about the role of Academician Alexander Andronov in the development of this theory, how the theory of nonlinear oscillations can be used to describe various processes and phenomena, and much more.

To take part in the event, you can register here.

Date and time: December 14, 18:30

Venue: UNN Science Park (10B Ulyanov St.).

Admission to the event will require a certificate of vaccination or a multi-pass. These requirements do not apply to minors.

The lecture will be streamed live at this link.

Dr. Ivanchenko’s lecture will make part of a cultural and educational project marking the 120th anniversary of the outstanding physicist Alexander Andronov. The project includes the exhibition "Andronov's Cabinet", a cycle of lectures and a round table.