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21 0315 vesna 103

On March 18, the Lobachevsky University Museum opened the "Secrets of Birds" exhibition dedicated to birds living in the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod region and the numerous ways the image of the Bird appears in the traditional folk culture: songs, family and agricultural ceremonies, handicrafts, weaving and embroidery, children's games. Traditional folk culture reflects the human environment; it displays human attitude towards life in all its manifestations. The Bird is one of the brightest folk culture images, its magical purpose has been present in folklore, fine arts, costumes and household items. Birds' down and feathers were used as decorations for women's festive headdresses. Figures of birds can often be found on spinning wheels and on ceremonial towels. Festive and ceremonial foods, such as kissel and gingerbread, were often decorated with birds. Textile and woodchip figurines of birds were considered amulets. The exhibition uses materials collected in Lobachevsky University's ornithological, folklore and ethnographic expeditions and some exhibits provided by the architectural and ethnographic museum-reserve "Shchelokovsky Khutor".

You can visit the exhibition at 23 Gagarin Ave., Building 2, 2nd floor, UNN Museum. Admission is free.