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From 14 to 16 May, the First International Workshop on Nanoelectronic Memristive Devices for Quantum and Neuromorphic Computing – MEM-Q was held at the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow. The workshop was organized within the framework of the Russian-Greek project "Research and development of memristive nanomaterials and electronic devices based on such materials for quantum and neuromorphic computations", implemented jointly by Lobachevsky University (coordinator from Russia), SRC "Kurchatov Institute", National Center for Scientific Research "Democritus" (coordinator from Greece), the Democritus University of Thrace, the University of Patras, and the Hellas Research and Technology Foundation.

Despite the initial format of the workshop, this event, taking into account its content and results, can be considered the first international conference in Russia on memristive materials and systems, which gathered more than 50 leading scientists from different parts of the world (USA, Korea, Europe) and from different regions of Russia (from Kaliningrad to Tyumen).

One of the highlights of the workshop was a special session on stochastic multistable systems organized in the framework of a grant from the Government of the Russian Federation intended for creating at Lobachevsky University a special laboratory, StoLab under the leadership of the leading Italian scientist Prof. Bernardo Spagnolo. This project is aimed to develop and create new generations of electronic devices and neuromorphic technologies for an artificial intellect on the basis of memristive materials, with the use of the newest statistical analysis methods.

Lobachevsky University was represented at the workshop by a large delegation of employees of the UNN PTRI, REC “Physics of Solid-State Nanostructures” and the Faculty of Physics (O.N. Gorshkov, B. Spagnolo, A.M. Satanin, D.O. Filatov, A.N. Mikhailov, K.V. Sidorenko), which was headed by Vice-Rector for Research V.B. Kazantsev. UNN representatives took an active part in the scientific program, shared their research results with partners and coordinated work plans within the framework of joint projects. An agreement on cooperation between the UNN and the Kurchatov Institute was prepared for signing.

At the end of the event’s rich program was a round table on the prospects for commercializing memristive systems and the challenges that arise in the implementation of interdisciplinary research and convergent technologies, as well as in the course of international cooperation. With the breakthrough nature of research and development in the field of memristive materials and systems, it is possible to make a qualitative leap in the development of electronics, information and computing systems, new technologies for medicine, space and military industry in a very short time. The work carried out in this direction in Russia corresponds to the world level, but requires coordination and joint efforts of research, production and educational centers. Workshop participants highly appreciated the level of organization of this event in Moscow and exchanged information on the following events that will be held within the framework of current projects in Italy and Greece later this year.