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On May 18, French Licence Diplomas (equivalent to Bachelor degree) were awarded to Valeria Menkova, Alexander Medvedev and Olga Kasatkina, students of the UNN Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship, who successfully completed the International Bachelor Degree Programme "Economics and Management", which is implemented jointly by the UNN and the Grenoble Alpes University (France). During the ceremony that took place at Lobachevsky University, Vice-Rector for International Affairs Alexander Bedny congratulated the graduates on the completion of the study course and presented their diplomas to them.

The ceremony was followed by a videoconference with the participation of the Grenoble Alpes University, Consul General of France in Saint Petersburg, as well as representatives of other leading Russian universities implementing the programme: Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, All-Russian Academy of Foreign Economic Relations, and others. The participants of the videoconference wished the graduates further success and expressed hope for the further development of international joint programmes, highlighting the importance of their implementation for the development of inter-university cooperation and for enhancing the universities' competitiveness.

Alexander Bedny pointed out that the successful experience of studies using online technologies under the international joint programme "Economics and Management" confirms its relevance in today's conditions and allows Russian students to study at one of the best universities in France without interrupting their education at the UNN.

"Having a French degree in addition to a Russian one is an important competitive advantage in employment both in Russia and abroad," - said the Vice-Rector for International Affairs.

Valeria Menkova, a programme graduate, said that other students should not be afraid to study at foreign universities under joint educational programmes:

"At the beginning, it seemed that everything is drastically different because all the classes are in English. But then, once you get into the process, the study pattern becomes clear. There are some differences in educational methods, with more practical tasks and project activities. But you quickly get used to this and it becomes common practice."

Alexander Medvedev expressed his gratitude to the university administration for giving UNN students an opportunity to study at Lobachevsky University and at European universities at the same time. He also shared his plans to continue his studies on the Master's programme jointly run by the UNN and the Grenoble Alpes University:

"I would like to enroll in the joint Master's programme, as I appreciate that such programmes offer a very wide range of knowledge in economics in different countries. Currently, I'm a commercial director and this knowledge is very relevant to my work".

The graduates were also congratulated by Konstantin Kemaev, Head of the UNN International Cooperation Office and Alexander Gorylev, Director of the joint programme.

Lobachevsky University students have the opportunity to study in international programmes implemented jointly with the Grenoble Alpes University: "Economics and Management" (Bachelor's degree) and Master's degree programmes - "Management of Organizations in the Framework of International Cooperation", "Management of Human Resources and Economic Change at Enterprises", "Economic and Statistical Research".

You can get more details by following the link and contacting the International Cooperation Office (Building 2, Office 211-B, tel. 462-31-03, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).