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Lobachevsky University scientists invented a super gel that will help to stop the blood and heal the most dangerous wounds. It consists of biopolymer chitosan and thrombosis components, which allow to accelerate the natural process of blood clotting. Lobachevsky University participates at (the project "5-100".

– This R&D project is needed at the emergency medical services and will be relevant for rescuers, surgeons, ambulances and even for the military. First of all, it will be useful when a bleeding cannot be stopped with a tourniquet, or it is impossible to get to the source of bleeding, – said Mikhail Gorshenin, Deputy Director of the Center for innovative development of medical instrument-making  Lobachevsky University. – With a special syringe, the gel can be squeezed as close to the source as possible: even the strongest arterial bleeding stops in minutes.

The medication can be left in the wound for several days. The existing foreign analogues are designed for only 24 hours. The gel has already been successfully tested at the State research testing Institute of military medicine.


Vladimir Zurochka, senior researcher at the laboratory of molecular biotechnology and genetic engineering, doctor of Medical Sciences, professor of the Department of food and biotechnology of the Higher medical and biological school of South Ural State University (university-participant of the project “5-100”):

The medication is relevant for modern medicine, in particular, for traumatology and emergency medical care both in remote areas and in the city. For example, it can be used in case of emergency medical care in an accident. Naturally, these properties of the medication are relevant for field wounds in the conduct of hostilities in the conditions of remoteness of specialized medical care.