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On July 11, international students who graduated from Lobachevsky University in 2018 gathered at the UNN Assembly Hall for a solemn ceremony to mark their graduation. For 120 young people from 60 countries, it was a memorable day culminating their years of studies at the UNN. Before the meeting, the graduates made a photo with the Rector of the University Evgeny Chuprunov and the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Alexander Bedny.
Then, to the sounds of the Gaudeamus student anthem, the column of graduates marched to the hall, where their friends and relatives gathered to share with them the joy of this significant event.
Rector Chuprunov congratulated the graduates on receiving the diplomas of one of Russia’s best universities and addressed them as follows:

“I wish you all to become successful people. Success has many components, but the main one is the professionalism that you have acquired in the walls of our University. I hope this will allow you to establish yourselves as professionals in the countries where you will live and work. I encourage you never to stop learning - this is the key to success.”

On behalf of the graduates, representatives of various countries - from China to Colombia - expressed their gratitude to those who gave them knowledge and opened the road to professional life. They also thanked their friends and fellow students in Nizhny Novgorod for their help and support in difficult moments.
Vice-Rector Аlexander Bedny addressed the students with sincere words of congratulations and wished them every success in their life’s journey.

"Please continue to keep in touch with each other and with the university - after all we are a large international family, and like in any family, we take good care of each other. You are welcome to join the UNN Alumni Association," concluded Dr. Bedny.

On behalf of the students’ parents, Svetlana Eftihar from Uzbekistan and Ernest Bonsu from Ghana expressed their gratitude to teachers and staff of the University for taking care of students who were far away from their homes and for helping them to become independent grown-up persons.
The most hardworking and persistent graduates who took an active part in student life were awarded honorary diplomas and those who distinguished themselves in organizing and holding student events were commended on behalf of the University.
As her gift to the fellow students, teachers and staff of the University, Mpho Natasha Bontsi, who was met with vigorous applause from the audience, performed a song about happiness.
Happiness and success were also the key words in the final remarks on behalf of the Department for work with international students made by Liliya Erushkina and Dmitry Medvedev who wished the graduates new achievements in their future career.