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Huawei Honor Cup 2020 Eurasian competitions in the field of ICT will take place from August 1 to December 4. Talented professionals who want to test their knowledge and competence level can take part in this educational project launched by Huawei in 2015. They can also count on receiving privileges and prizes from the company. In 2019, more than 15,000 students from almost 1,000 universities took part in the contest. This year, the project plans to bring in even more participants who will be able to compete for the first place in respective categories and for main prizes at the finals in Moscow on December 4. Those who win the top places will be awarded 10,000 dollars, and prize winners will receive branded gadgets from Huawei .

In 2020, participants will be able to try their hand in the following categories: 5G (Next Generation Mobile Communication Technologies and Standards); Cloud (Storage and Virtualization Technologies); APP (Mobile Application Development); HCIE (Huawei's highest level of technical certification); IP (IP Network Technologies and Protocols); AI (Artificial Intelligence Models and Methods); Code (Sports Programming); ICT Observer (a special category). Wu Sai, Vice President of Huawei, said: "The main goal of Honor Cup 2020 is to motivate participants to learn on their own, to gain new knowledge and competencies that they can then apply in innovative projects. We believe that training is an essential element in building a unified digital community in Russia".