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Афиша лекция баннер 6

A competition has been launched for the scholarship from Huawei Russian Research Institute.

Full-time 3rd and 4th year Bachelor program students, 3rd to 5th year Specialist program students and 1st and 2nd year Master program students of the Faculties of Chemistry, Physics and Radiophysics, as well as the Institute of Information Technologies, Mathematics and Mechanics can apply for the scholarship. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of a competitive selection process, which takes place every semester. The winners of the previous selection tour may participate in the competition once more.

Students who are employees of Huawei's structural units or who participate in Huawei's research and development projects are not eligible to participate in the competition. Scholarship applicants must submit their applications online by March 21, 2021 (inclusive) at the website by uploading supporting documents to be considered by the competition committee. Access to the website is provided through the student's personal ID, which is normally used to enter the UNN portal (to be entered as a login).

When selecting candidates, the competition committee will take into account:

  • academic achievements (grade point average, which is provided by the system automatically when an application is formed);
  • participation in relevant all-Russian and/or international Olympiads and tournaments;
  • participation in scientific conferences;
  • scientific publications in leading international journals;
  • an appropriate recommendation letter from the student's research supervisor, the dean of the faculty or the director of the institute (a signed recommendation must be certified in the dean's office by the seal of the faculty/institute);
  • a motivation letter in Russian or English.

The motivation letter should include information about the candidate's experience in research projects and research grants, including the participant's personal contribution to the project, data on their professional skills (programming languages, databases, etc.), a description of the tentative research plan for the next year and the results available (if any), information about participation in other scholarship programs, any additional information about their achievements, as well as justification of the participant's interest in receiving a scholarship and a reasoned explanation why this particular candidate should be awarded the scholarship;

  • a video message permitting to assess the applicant's English language skills, in which the applicant talks about himself/herself, his/her achievements and motivation for receiving the scholarship (the structure of the video message should correspond to the structure of the motivation letter, the message duration should not exceed 3 minutes, the format of the message should be .mov or .mp4).

Good knowledge of English and programming skills will be an added advantage.

For more details on the competition, please write to the UNN International Cooperation Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Recommendation letter form.