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UNN Faculty of Radiophysics students Branislava Jankovic and Nikita Larichev took part in the global technology conference EMERGE, which was held in Minsk on June 3-5, 2019. The trip to the conference was a gift from the company RuTech, which acted as a partner of the innovation business ideas contest “Innobusiness: Smart Technologies”. The founder and director of RuTech is Anna Sholina, a UNN graduate who had previously actively participated in the university’s innovation activities.

The conference brought together technology companies, venture funds, organizations supporting and developing entrepreneurship and exports, as well as technology leaders from around the world. The event was attended by over 2500 representatives of the technology community from Europe, Central and Southeast Asia, North America and the CIS countries. “The EMERGE conference in Minsk is a significant event. We met with many people on the startup alley and saw their innovations. Some have already been implemented and successfully commercialized, other innovations will see the market in the near future. For two days, the speakers talked about innovations, about business, about things that we often do not notice. Some lectures ran in parallel and not everyone managed to attend. Hopefully, next year we’ll come back to Minsk with our own startup,” says Nikita Larichev, a graduate of the UNN “Innovative Entrepreneurship” program.

The conference program included the Challenge start-up competition, a hackathon for developers, lectures on future technologies, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, project management, culture and successful teamwork development in a company. “For me, the conference in Minsk was a special event. I had the opportunity to meet many startup organizers, to talk with them about their ideas, difficulties and desires, and in this way expand my horizons and open a new chapter in my life,” comments Branislava Jankovic, an intern at the UNN laboratory of physical fundamentals and technologies of wireless communication. The trip was organized by the youth and international innovation department of the UNN Center for Innovative Development of Medical Instrument Engineering.