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institut klinicheskoj mediciny sozdan v universitete lobachevskogo 

The Institute of Clinical Medicine (ICM) has been established at Lobachevsky University. This new structural unit was approved at the meeting of the UNN Academic Council in October 2022.

The new Institute will comprise the Higher School of Rehabilitation and Human Health, the University Clinic, the Department of Clinical Medicine, the Accreditation and Simulation Centre, the Laboratory of Tissue Bioengineering, and the Educational and Marketing Research Department.

UNN Rector Elena Zagaynova underlined that the establishment of the Institute of Clinical Medicine is a natural process in the development of Lobachevsky University:

When an area of activity is small, it grows and forms under the wing of a larger unit. This was the case with the development of the medical area at Lobachevsky University, which originated in the Institute of Biology and Biomedicine. Now it has gained strength and the number of medical students has increased significantly, so to ensure effective development of the medical field we are setting up a separate structural unit at UNN. Biological education differs very much from medical education. Biologists are classical scientists, whereas medics are practitioners with a serious clinical background. Moreover, the training of medics requires a specific organisation of the learning process.

Elena Zagaynova also noted that by opening its Institute of Clinical Medicine the university makes a new step on the way to forming its own clinical base. It is especially important  in view of setting up a modern multidisciplinary clinic at Lobachevsky University within the framework of the Quantum Valley Science and Technology Centre.

There are plans for the Institute of Clinical Medicine  to conduct research in close cooperation with clinics and research organisations in Nizhny Novgorod and across Russia.

A special role within the new Institute will be given to the Higher School of Rehabilitation and Human Health, originating from the UNN Institute of Rehabilitation and Human Health. The School will include the Department of Adaptive Physical Education, the Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, and the Research Laboratory for Postural Control, Functional Mobility and Rehabilitation Capacity.