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konferenciya matematicheskoe modelirovanie i superkompyuternye tekhnologii startovala v nngu

The International Conference and School "Mathematical Modelling and Supercomputing Technologies" opened at Lobachevsky University on November 13. The events are organised as part of the International Congress "Russian Supercomputing Days". The topics of the conference and school cover a wide range of problems related to mathematical modelling of complex processes and numerical methods for their research as well as the development of supercomputing methods for solving important tasks in various fields of science, industry, business, and education.

Nikolai Zolotykh, Director of the UNN Institute of Information Technology, Mathematics and Mechanics, welcomed the conference participants.

"This year, the conference is held in conjunction with two major events: the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, and the 50th anniversary of our Department of Software and Supercomputing Technologies. At this conference, we pay special attention to practical aspects, especially in the activities of our youth school. We cooperate with various partners and our work embraces a wide range of different areas," he noted.

konferenciya matematicheskoe modelirovanie i superkompyuternye tekhnologii startovala v nngu 1

Nikolai Zolotykh also pointed out the significant role of the outstanding Soviet and Russian scientist Yuri Neimark in the establishment and development of the country's first Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics. The IT Campus under construction in Nizhny Novgorod bears the name of Neimark.

The Conference program also features lectures by invited experts, reports by famous scientists and specialists, and presentations by young researchers. The conference will be followed by a school for young researchers with the participation of students, postgraduates and young scientists.