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mezhdunarodnaya konferenciya otkrylas v institute filologii i zhurnalistiki nngu 1

On 12 March, the international conference "Journalism and PR in the context of shaping a new media environment: traditions and innovation" opened at Lobachevsky University. Researchers from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Syria are taking part in the conference. The event is organised by the UNN Department of Journalism.

Alexander Bedny, UNN Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Networking, addressed the audience with welcoming remarks. He wished all the participants success and effective work.

"The UNN Department of Journalism is the flagship of journalism education in the Nizhny Novgorod region. In the early 1990s, it was the first and the only department in the region to start training professionals for this field. An important feature of our work in the training of journalists and PR specialists is a close relationship with our partners. We understand that without interaction with practitioners it is impossible to train professionals effectively, and it is impossible to develop research in any field. Of course, journalism and public relations are no exception. That is why it is very important that many of our Russian and foreign partners take part in the conference," said Alexander Bedny.

Larisa Zhukovskaya, Director of the UNN Institute of Philology and Journalism, also wished success to the conference participants. She noted that the knowledge that students receive at Lobachevsky University is an indispensable foundation, and without this foundation it is difficult to become a good journalist or PR specialist in the new multipolar world.  The programme of the conference includes reports addressing topical issues of journalism and PR: media communications in the modern information society, new PR technologies in business and politics, the socio-cultural dimension of advertising and public relations.  The conference was opened by Olga Savinova, Head of the Journalism Department, with her presentation "Journalism and PR in the digital age: shaping the values of society".

mezhdunarodnaya konferenciya otkrylas v institute filologii i zhurnalistiki nngu 2

"Today's media space has changed dramatically, and it is still changing. We are witnessing these processes. This includes changes in the media system itself and changes in the subject field of public relations, because almost everything has now moved to the Internet. Our aim is to document the changes that have taken place in the media structure in recent years. Among the participants of the conference are our faculty members, who professionally and systematically explore various aspects of this problem. We have also invited our postgraduates, intelligent and bright students, who will have to work in this new media system," said Olga Savinova.

One of the conference participants is Kanhush Jalal, a postgraduate student of the UNN Department of Journalism. He came to Nizhny Novgorod from Syria. His contribution is entitled "Media in Syria: prerequisites for the shaping of a modern media system". According to the young researcher, one of the common problems for Russian and Syrian media is the so-called "fake news" circulating in the media.