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Lobachevsky University’s international life is gaining momentum after a break caused by coronavirus restrictions. A number of international student events took place during this spring season on the UNN campus: the UNN sports relay "Sport. Knowledge. Power”, the international youth festival of Chinese culture, the Navruz spring festival, the Lobachevsky UniverSum festival of cultures, and numerous other events. In addition, the UNN Asia-Pacific Centre opened this spring.

International students have also been stepping up their participation in international and national events.

At the end of March, for example, international students from Tajikistan Faizullo Yakubov and Abubakr Gaforzoda took part in the international conference "Current Issues of Security in Central Asia" organised at Belgorod State National Research University with the support and assistance of the Gorchakov Foundation and the Russian International Students Association.

Faizullo Yakubov was invited by the conference as a moderator. The conference sections dealt with security issues in Central Asian countries as well as Russia's security.

Also, Mateo Rojas Samper, Adriana Marcela Aviles Bonilla, Janvier Adhair Palma Urgiles and Favio Daniel Cortez Salcedo, international students from the UNN Institute of International Relations and World History (IIRWH), took part in the Churkin International Model UN (C-MIMUN 2022), which was held at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations on 17-22 April.

Mateo Rojas Samper participated in the model as co-chair of the UNESCO committee, and Adriana Marcela Aviles Bonilla was the winner in the Best Delegate category.

IIRWH students contributed greatly to the drafting of UNESCO's final document as part of Model United Nations.  At the end of the ceremony, Mateo Rojas Samper gave a speech and presented the committee's findings.