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“Should girls love pink?”  “Do all boys need to know about cars?”  “Can a woman repair a laptop?”

These and other questions were discussed by UNN international students with high school students of Gymnasium No. 17 during the  meeting of the English conversation club dedicated to gender stereotypes in Russia and in the world.

It was a lively and fascinating conversation that touched upon not only the peculiarities of perception and interrelations of the sexes, but also the related cultural differences of different countries. Foreign students told school pupils about themselves, about their homeland, their studies at Lobachevsky University, and shared their impressions of Russia. High school students, in turn, told about their own plans, interests and hobbies. The discussion was very open and was full of jokes from both sides. This helped school and university students to get an outside perspective of social prejudices and stereotypes, to understand the importance of intercultural and inter-ethnic communication.

International students noted the high level of English proficiency among high school students and appreciated the friendly atmosphere of the club. After the meeting, the students exchanged contacts and agreed to keep in touch.