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On November 12, two lectures on artificial intelligence will be held at the UNN Science Park.

Anna Petrovicheva, director of Xperience.AI, will talk about the use of artificial intelligence in the modern world, while Dr. Vladimir Chuvildeev, Director of the UNN Physics and Technology Research Institute, and Scientific Director of the UNN Science Park, will discuss the actual and potential applications of artificial intelligence, and how it differs from natural intelligence.

The lectures will be streamed live in the Lobachevsky University VKontakte group.

Vladimir Chuvildeev's lecture "Human Thinking and Machine ‘Thinking’ " will offer the participants the answers to many questions. "What is thinking?" is a question philosophers have been asking themselves for centuries, without finding a conclusive answer. Now, with the advent of artificial intelligence, the situation has become even more complicated: what can be called thinking now? What distinguishes human thinking from computer intelligence? What are the things a machine can never learn?

Anna Petrovicheva's lecture "Artificial Intelligence Today" will address the following issues: What is artificial intelligence? What can it learn? What problems can it solve today, and how can it be applied to our everyday life tomorrow?

Date and time: November 12, 18:30

Venue: UNN Science Park (10B Ulyanov St.).

Admission to the event will require a certificate of vaccination or a multi-pass. These requirements do not apply to minors.

To take part in the event, you can register here.