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From 19 to 31 July 2018, Dr. Leon Ong Chua visited Russia at the invitation of Lobachevsky University and took part in the traditional symposium on neurosciences "Volga Neuroscience Meeting" (VNM-2018). Dr. Chua is a professor in the electrical engineering and computer sciences department at the University of California, Berkeley, an outstanding American scientist and engineer who has gained worldwide recognition for his fundamental work in the theory of nonlinear circuits, cellular neural networks (which was developed with the participation of the Nizhny Novgorod school of nonlinear dynamics). In the 1970s, he theoretically substantiated the existence of a memristor and a memristive effect as a universal phenomenon in artificial and natural systems.

In the framework of this visit, Professor Chua also provided his authoritative support at the international level to the rapidly developing Russian memristive community as he visited the laboratories of the Kurchatov Institute, the UNN and the Kazan Federal University - participants of international consortia for joint projects "Research and development of memristive nanomaterials and electronic devices for quantum and neuromorphic computations" (MEM-Q)" and "Software and hardware complex for neurorehabilitation and prosthetics of the spinal cord functional segment based on adaptive memristive bionic devices and virtual reality technologies."

Professor Chua spoke highly of scientific and technical results obtained at Lobachevsky University in cooperation with its partner organizations, which contributes to a wider international recognition of Russian scientific schools.