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Логотип олимпиады

The annual Olympiad in Russian as a Foreign Language Lobachevsky/RU will take place at Lobachevsky University from February 1 to April 23, 2021. The Olympiad will be held in a remote format in three stages.

International students of Lobachevsky University and other Russian and foreign universities, as well as students of foreign schools, students of Russian as a foreign language courses are invited to take part in the Olympiad. To participate in this contest, please register on the website, fill in the application form and complete online tasks of the first stage from February 1 to March 15.

All the relevant information about the deadlines for completing the tasks, recommendations for the participants and the lists of the participants passing to the second stage of the Olympiad will be posted on the website. On the April 23, the results of the Olympiad will be announced in the Zoom conference format.

We wish you good luck!