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On Friday, 26 February at 19:00, two lectures on physics will be given as part of the Lobachevsky Science lecture cycle at the UNN Science Park (Ulyanov St.10b).

Admission is free! You can register for the lecture here (places are limited).

The lectures will be broadcast live in the Lobachevsky University VKontakte group.

The lecture "One trillionth of a second is a very long time!" will be presented by Ivan Oladyshkin, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, researcher at the IAP RAS.

It takes a few hundredths of a second to change the frames in a video film, and the ball bounces off the floor ten times faster than that. The electric current inside a processor reverses direction several billion times in a single second. What kind of records have scientists achieved in the study of ultra-fast phenomena? When will it be possible to make a film about the movement of an individual electron in a molecule? And most importantly, why should we study such ultra-fast phenomena? Let's try and understand why one trillionth of a second is a very long time indeed.

The lecture "Darling, why have I buried the Large Hadron Collider?" will be given by Andrei Seryakov, researcher at the Laboratory of Ultra-High Energy Physics, SPbSU, participant of the SHINE CERN and MPD NICA experiments.

Why is the Large Hadron Collider really needed? Why do some people call it the greatest creation of mankind, while others are puzzled: is it worth spending enormous efforts and several billion dollars to study elementary particles? Let's sort it out and get the latest news from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

Each lecture will be approx. 50 minutes long, plus some time to answer your questions.

Lecture cycle organizers: Lobachevsky University, UNN Science Park "Lobachevsky LAB".