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delegaciya nngu posetila partnyorskie organizacii v serbii

During the visit of Lobachevsky University delegation to Serbia, Deputy Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Networking Konstantin Kemaev and Head of the UNN Serbian Centre Irina Abramova visited partner institutions in Niš, Aleksinac, Šabac, Novi Sad and Belgrade.

As part of the University's cooperation with the network of schools in Serbia, working meetings were held with the principals of partner gymnasiums, and a system of prompt information exchange and organisation of scientific, educational and outreach activities was established.  A roadmap specifying the areas and format of joint activities will be prepared for each participant of the UNN school cluster in Serbia. One of the Novi Sad gymnasiums, for example, will soon open a Russian-Serbian twinning centre with the support of the city administrations of Nizhny Novgorod and Novi Sad.

In each of the following gymnasiums: "Svetozar Marković" (Niš), "Laza Kostić" (Novi Sad), "Isidora Sekulić" (Novi Sad), "Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" (Novi Sad), Aleksinac Gymnasium and Šabac Gymnasium, presentations on study opportunities at Lobachevsky University, language master classes and intellectual games were held. Taking part in the meetings were  Serbian graduates of Lobachevsky University F. Nikolić, I. Marjanović and M. Andrić, who shared their experiences of studying at the university and starting a successful career in Serbia.

Inter-university cooperation issues were also discussed in detail. At the meeting with the University of Niš, the launch of academic mobility in the spring semester was approved, as well as a joint summer camp to be held in the south of Serbia. In the course of negotiations with the management of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade, a more flexible framework for student exchanges, the possibility of organising joint Olympiads (including the NIS-Olympiad and the International Olympiad "Lobachevsky/RU"), summer schools and online lecture classes at the UNN Serbian Centre were considered.

delegaciya nngu posetila partnyorskie organizacii v serbii 2

A meeting was held at the European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) at the UN University for Peace with Dr. Liljana Marković, who is in charge of Russian-Serbian cooperation, where Lobachevsky University representatives discussed the details of launching a joint Master's degree in Finance and Business Administration in 2024, as well as opening Russian language courses at ECPD. Besides, there are plans to renew the cooperation agreements with Novi Sad University in February 2024.

The Lobachevsky University delegation also visited the Russian House in Belgrade, where they held talks with Evgeny Baranov, Head of the Rossotrudnichestvo Representative Office in Serbia. They summarised interim results of the projects already implemented, outlined plans for cooperation for the coming year, adjusted the schedule and format of UNN's activities in the working groups for selecting students from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Northern Macedonia to study under the quota of the Russian Government.