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 Universita di Bologna

Lobachevsky University actively cooperates with Italian partners. In August 2019, two agreements were signed between UNN and the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Bologna – one of the leading universities of the world: the Agreement on cooperation and the Agreement on academic exchange.

The parties plan to extend the areas of cooperation, develop academic exchanges and implement the joint scientific and educational projects, as well as involve a greater number of faculties in the implementation of those projects.

The cooperation between UNN and the University of Bologna has an impressive background. The honorary Professor of immunology Professor of Bologna University Dr.Claudio Franceschi is the head of the project "Clinical medicine Digital personalized medicine healthy aging (MTC aging): network analysis of Big data multimedia to search for new diagnostic, predictive and therapeutic purposes" that is implemented in the framework of MegaGrant won by the Lobachevsky University.

"I am very glad that two wonderful universities cooperates. I am convinced that the signed agreements are only the beginning of a long and fruitful cooperation. – noted prof. Claudio Francesca. – In addition to cooperation in the framework of the MegaGrant project, it is planned to create a double degree program on artificial intelligence, as well as involve colleagues from the University of Bologna in the major projects implemented by the University of Lobachevsky, including such as ID-EPTRI "European translational research infrastructure in Pediatrics”.


The University of Bologna is a leading Italian University (top 200 world universities). The University was founded in 1088 and has always attracted prominent figures of science and art. Today it is a leader in European higher education, known for its beauty and integration with the city.

The list of subjects is diverse and adapted to the needs of modern society: there are more than 200 curricula, 33 faculties, 11 schools and more than 81,000 students. Another 5,000 people are graduate students and students of the third cycle.

In addition to intereuropean links, the University of Bologna has numerous international links with North America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Teaching at the University of Bologna is supported by numerous international agreements: 169 bilateral and multilateral framework agreements on cooperation signed with partner universities (mainly outside the EU), 214 specific (sectoral) agreements on cooperation with partner universities at the faculty or Department level, 1 986 bilateral agreements with foreign universities under the Erasmus program.